Let’s Talk Science

Monthly meetups between university STEM students (mostly girls) with two Arab guests from a specific field – one is a senior expert (Arab scientist and/or entrepreneur) in STEM, and the second is usually a graduate/postgraduate and/or hi-tech engineer in the same field. Read More about “Let’s Talk Science”

Think Science

A one-day event aiming to expose girls (ages 16-18) to a variety of non-typical STEM fields through hands-on experiences. The workshop involves 5-7 different mentors (mostly women), each presenting a new remarkable technology, area or topic in STEM fields. Read More about “Think Science”

Tech it Forward

Successful Hi-Tech and Bio-Tech professionals need to nurture their soft skills capabilities on a regularly bases. This allows them to acquire unconventional and innovative tools, that can qualify them to influence decisions and motivate change in their careers. Read More about “Tech it Forward”