Our Vision

AWSc is a group of graduate Arab women in science & Engineering. The purpose of this association is to promote equal opportunities for women in the academy as well as in the industry.
AWSc is committed to provide principle tools assisting women towards breaking down barriers and achieving success through their invaluable leadership, innovation and commitment to their sector, and encouraging self-employment and entrepreneurship, providing role models for the next generation.

Our vision

  • To support Arab females to enter the world of science
  • To promote advanced degrees among graduate students
  • To discuss the issues women encounter after graduation and to offer various means to integrate well in the academy and industry
  • To expose women to the entrepreneurship world -bringing their own ideas to fruition
  • To explore ways of operationalizing the term “empowerment”
  • To exchange experiences in promoting the empowerment of women through formal and non-formal enriching activities